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Guru Ji on Motherland

Nowhere do we find the vibrant and complete vision of our motherland inspiring our people to strive and sacrifice in defence of her integrity. A spirit of compromise, an attitude of purchasing peace by parting with portions of our motherland to whoever chooses to lay axe on her, has taken hold of our people. Even the memory of those parts under enemies’ possession is dying away. How many of us feel the insult that we are denied access to our holy Kailash and Manasarovar, that we have no chance even to take a dip in the sacred Sindhu, which gave us the name Hindu and Hindusthan? Takshashila, once the world-centre for diffusion of Hindu thought, is no more with us. Mulasthan (Multan), which witnessed the incarnation to the terrible Narasimha for the protection of Prahlad form the demon Hiranyakashipu, is once again under the heels of a demonic domination. Do all these memories burn in our veins? We have especially to guard ourselves and our coming generations in this regard, lest the oppressive weight of external conditions blur our vision and crush our spirit.

Author: P P Guru Ji

Source: Bunch of Thoughts