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Guru Ji on Great Work

No great work is achieved without great suffering and sacrifice. The worker will be required to pay a heavy price in terms of his personal and family happiness and similarly embrace a life of the troubles and dangers in treading the path of the ideal. The glowing example of Sri Rama is there as the guiding star for the hazardous voyage of a life duty. Even as a boy, he was taken from his parents by Vishwamitra, away from a princely life to a forest life, to fight the rakshasa. Later, after he had won the hand of Sita and was returning to Ayodhya he had to face the terrible Parashurama. And then before he could heave a sigh of relief and taste happiness, he had to leave for a fourteen-year wilderness in forest. Those fourteen years too were full of ordeals and struggle with rakshasa, abduction of Sita by Ravana and the great war at Lanka. As he returned to Ayodhya and was anointed as the king he had to give up Sita in response to the call of kingly duties. Lakshmana, who had followed him like a shadow in all these tribulations and was like the very breath and soul of Rama, too had to be given up to assuage the wrath of Durvasa who would have otherwise destroyed Ayodhya. Verily his was a life unparalleled by all standards of character and calibre and unparalleled in suffering and sacrifice too.

Author: P P Guru Ji

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