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Guru Ji on National Consolidation

A Sadhu was once sitting with a dog in his arms lovingly sharing the leavings of food thrown on the roadside. A passer-by recognized in him a realized soul and went near him. But on seeing him, the Sadhu began to run and hurl stones in a bid to dissuade him from following. But seeing him pursuing undeterred, the Sadhu halted and asked him, “Why are you coming after me?” The man replied, “Sir, I know you have realized God. Please initiate me also into that path”. The Sadhu told, “Well, do you see the gutter of the town flowing here? When you come to realize that this is in no way different from the waters of Ganga, you will have become competent to realize God”. The work of social consolidation which is truly the realization of Nation-God can be carried on only on the basis of such a spirit of identity as will render us capable of seeing a beggar in the street and a great scholar with an equal eye of love and brotherhood.

Author: P P Guru Ji