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Touchstone of nationality

When we say, “This is the Hindu Nation”, there are some who immediately come up with the question, “What about the Muslims and Christians dwelling in the land? Are they also not born and bred here? How could they become aliens just because they have changed their faith?” But the crucial point is whether THEY remember that they are the children of this soil. What is the use of merely OUR remembering? That feeling, that memory, should be cherished by THEM. We are not so mean as to say that with a mere change in the method of worship an individual ceases to be a son of the soil. We have no objection to God being called by any name whatever. We, in the Sangh, are Hindus to the core. That is why we have respect for all faiths and religious beliefs. He cannot be a Hindu at all who is intolerant of other faiths. But the question before is now is, what is the attitude of those people who have been converted to Islam or Christianity? They are born in this land, no doubt. But are they true to their salt? Are they grateful to this land which has brought them up? Do they feel that they are the children of this land and its tradition, and that to serve it is their great good fortune? Do they feel it is their duty to serve her?

Author: Sri Guruji

Source: Bunch of thoughts, page 125