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Sri Rama & Hanuman

Once Sri Rama was highly pleased with his faithful devotee, Hanuman, and gave him a necklace of pearls. Hanumam with all humility received it, turned it over and over and broke one of the pearls with his teeth and looked inside. He then threw away the whole necklace of pearls. Lakshmana who was watching him exclaimed, “Here is monkey who does not know the worth of pearls. Not only has he spoiled the necklace by breaking the pearl with his teeth but he has thrown it away as if it were a clod of earth.” Rama told him to ask Hanuman why he had acted in this manner. On being questioned Hanuman replied, “I looked to see weather the necklace contained any image or name of Sri Rama. As I did not find either I threw it away.”

Author: Swami Sambuddhananda

Source: VTS