मातृवत्परदारेषु परद्रव्येषु


मातृवत्परदारेषु परद्रव्येषु लोष्ठवत् ।
आत्मवत्सर्वभूतेषु यः पश्यति स पश्यति ॥

IAST Transliteration

mātṛvatparadāreṣu paradravyeṣu loṣṭhavat ।
ātmavatsarvabhūteṣu yaḥ paśyati sa paśyati ॥

English meaning

Those who are 'Dharmic', in nature (Have noble qualities), consider, the women (Except one's own wife) as mothers - consider other's wealth as dust (Have no intention to acquire other's wealth by any means)and consider all the other living creatures like themselves (Equally love all the living creatures as one would love himself/herself)